Learning AdventureEdit

You have to help Chloe's Grand Uncle Tim Corbin find the power rings otherwise Alphabet Park will shut-down. You go through each area in a side-scrolling game collecting power rings and focusing on certain areas of learning. Toy Shop: Letters and Letter Order, Monsterville: Letters, Jungle Ride: Letters and Objects, Bug World: Colors and Shapes, Secret Garden: Objects, Fun Fair: Letters and Objects.

Learning ZoneEdit

Here you can focus on Letter Order: Help the baby hippos get across by putting letters in the right order. Letter Name: Help the mother duck find the right eggs to corresponding letter. Spelling: Move your bug across the vines to correct letter to complete a given word. Colors & Shapes: Move your clown to the right shape or color that is told to you.

This game teaches:Edit

  • Letters
  • Apphabet Order
  • Objects
  • Shapes
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Colors