Chloe's Closet: Attack of the Tamagotchis is the 5th Chloe's Closet video game based on the Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies video game


Oh No! The Tamagotchis are Tamagotchifying the Earth! It is up to Chloe and her friends to save the day!


A Planet ComethEdit

Objectives for Level:

Blast Off!Edit

Objectives for Level:

  1. Reach The Space Station
  2. Reach The Tether
  3. Get Pass the Defense Systems
  4. Collect Five Fuel Canisters
  5. Board Spaceship
  6. Reach the Comet

Pink CapersEdit


Spectrawarp V4Edit

The Spectrawarp V4 is a Gizmo Invention. When you use it, the screen will become all rainbowy. Requires: Goggles and Crystals

Shrink RayEdit

The Shrink Ray is a handheld invention.

Super Health RechargeEdit

The Super Health Recharge is the Handheld invention.

Speed SneakersEdit

The Speed Sneakers is the Sneakers Weapon

Retrowrench V3Edit

The Retrowrench V3 is the handheld invention that turns you into a Retro Chloe