Chloe's Closet: Battle for the Chloeworld is The 6th Chloe's Closet Game and the Upcoming Video Game that is Released for Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, and PS3. There Won't Be a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PSVIta, PSP, and PC Version this time, It is The Sequel to Chloe's Closet: The Staff of Dreams


When Playing with Jet, Octonauts, and Lovely Carrot, Tweak Heard the Rumors that the World is Going to End. Tweak Yelled "THE WORLD IS ENDING SOON!", Chloe Began To Be Upset. Its Up To Chloe and her friends including the Octonauts to Save the World.


Chloe Corbin (playable)

Tara Jansen (playable)

Jet Horton (playable)

Danny Rylant (playable)

Riley Harris (playable)

Lil Mcquire (playable)

Mac Mcquire (playable)

Carys Mozart (playable)

Lovely Carrot (adivisor)

The Octonauts (advisiors)

Dark and Evil Chloe and her Friends (Main Villian)

Dark and Evil Octonauts (enemies)

Jenny Randerson (advisor)

Collin and Skylanders (victims)

Pop Fizz (advisor)

Rodrick Corbin (Cameo at the Boss Fights)

Levels (Consoles Version)Edit


Before The World Ends in 15 days, Lovely Carrot told Chloe to Take an Tutorial. The Tutorial Takes Place in The City Before the World Ends, Note: Chloe has no Costume in this Level.


Rodrick Does not Make an Appearance, but Make a Cameo on Boss Fights

Jenny Randerson Makes a first Video Game Appearance


Evil Peso - The Evil Version of Chloe's Friend Peso, He Can Throw a Dangerous version of needles

Country Boy - Only appears in "The End of the World", the Final Level of the Game

Rodrick Corbin - He appears as a Target at Every Boss Levels