Grandpa Boris is appearing in a senior's play about the meaning of Chanukah oppisite his childhood rival Schlomo. Boris is mad that he is going to be in a play with him, and when seeing Schlomo's picture Chloe and her friends think that he is the "Meany of Chanukah" and they need to find him and put him to sleep to protect Boris. As Boris feuds with Schlomo and Chloe and her friends try to put the "meany" down for a nap, Angelica Corbin searches for a T.V. in the synagouge to watch her favorite Christmas special. But she is stopped and put in the nursery with Tommy Corbin, Chloe, Lil, Tara, Daniela, Jet, Mac and Riley who attacked Schlomo at the start of the play. They all escape and Angelica Corbin gets the TV and runs away. All the while, Stu Corbin and Grandpa Lou Corbin are driving to the synagouge with the fancy menorah for the play, but they are stuck in the middle of a Christmas parade. Suddenly, the Chloe and her friends and Angelica Corbin get scared when they confront Schlomo, but Grandpa Boris comforts them and Schlomo reads a book about the miracle of Chanukah. When Stu Corbin finally arrives he wheels the menorah onto the stage and turns it on. But it explodes and the curtains come crashing down, revealing Boris, Schlomo, and the children. Boris and Schlomo then come together and sing a song, and the episode ends