Chloe's Closet and Octonauts: Redemption Cemetery, Curse of the Raven is a Hidden Object game.


After you (a teenage cowboy) got into a car accident during a thunderstorm while driving home to your home western town of Westville from a Super Duper Ultimate Mega Supreme Country Music Mega Music Night Fest, you and the Octonauts wander into a Victorian styled town inside of a haunted Victorian Era styled cemetery. As you and the Octonauts enter the cemetery to find help to fix your car, the cemetery gates slam shut on you and the Octonauts and you and the Octonauts realized all of you gotten trapped. You and the Octonauts have a mission from Chloe Corbin and her friends. In order to get out of the cemetery, you and the Octonauts must free the spirits of those little animal kids who are punished, grounded and then executed and or sacrificed by Kali and Eugene, collect all the murder and execution weapons that Kali and Eugene used, solve murder cases as you and the Octonauts travel the past and stop Kali, Eugene and an evil teenage witch.

Levels and AreaEdit


The Cemetery is the main area were you and the Octonauts are after getting into a car accident.

London, England, 1925Edit

You and the Octonauts travel to London, England.

Locations: Church, Mansion, Clothes Shop

Items to Find: Carrot, Apple, Banana, Lemon, Pen, Pencil, Toy Car, Grape, Cat (2x), Dog (2x), Marker, Paint Brush and Axe (execution weapon)

Scotland, 1928Edit