Chloe and the Zombies is the 1st Chloe's Closet book


Are Chloe's parents, grandparents and siblings turning into zombies? Chloe's worst fears are conformed when Mrs. Gina Corbin wears slippers to the grocery store and Mr. Paul Corbin gives Chloe Snoopy's dog food for breakfast. Angelica Corbin, other teenagers including his band couldn't be happier, because their diabolical plan to keep their plan working. With Mr. Paul Corbin and Mrs. Gina Corbin including Chloe's siblings and grandparents, uncles, grand uncles, grand aunts, aunts, cousins out of their way is working perfectly. But will their scheme backfire? Find out in this Chloe's Closet story.

Summary 2Edit

Chloe is afraid that her parents and her grandest extended nuclear family, except Rodrick Corbon and the teenagers are really turning into zombies when they start acting strangely following several sleepless nights.


In Chloe And The Zombies, Angelica Is 13 Year old. While in Rugrats, She is 3 years old.

This is The first Time That Chloe and Her Friend Cries.