Lil is Big Girl

Lil I big Girl

Lil is Four and Little Mac's Big Sister.

She is very Protective of her

Young Brother - Even Though

She's Only Adout ten Months Older then he is!

She is a Little bit quiet and shy, but cries a little.

However, Once she Gets

Comfortable with the Situation,

She can be just as Adventurous

as the Rest of the Gang


  • Faconveat Corbin
  • Careacast Jansen
  • Wadic Horton
  • Parucome Rylant
  • Jesper Harris

Family MembersEdit

  • Mac McGwire - Lil's little brother. His nationality is Welsh.
  • Eddy McGwire - Mac and Lil's 12 year old brown haired brother. His nationality is Welsh.
  • Mr. Robert McGwire - is Lil's father who is a rich architect. His nationality is Welsh.
  • Mrs. Tara McGwire - is Rowley's brown haired mother. Her nationality is Welsh.
  • Maxson - Mac and Lil's pet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adopted from St. Mary's Animal Shelter and is later married to a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Roxy and she gave birth to 5 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies 3 males and 2 females. His nationality is Welsh.


Lil Friend

  • Lil
  • CTL
  • Lil I See You
  • CLM
  • Chloe Tara and Lil
  • LIL and MAC
  • LM


In some of the episodes, she doesn't bring Mac, even though it's her brother, but any Chloe's Closet with Mac absolutely has Lil.