Little Mac is not Quite four years

old yet, but he loves to visit Chloe with Lil

He is as Curious as the rest of the

gang, but a bit more timid and but he cries in tears when he gets upset like tripping over onto the floor or on the ground.

When he goes along on an

Adventure, he sticks close to

Chloe and looks to her for


Lil Big Sister

Eddy Big Brother

Little Giel Sally


All Friends

Family MembersEdit

  • Lillian McGwire - Marcus' protective big sister. She and her 4 brothers sing Hello Goodbye. Her nationality is Welsh.
  • Eddy McGwire - Marcus and Lillian's 12 year old brown haired brother. His nationality is Welsh.
  • Mr. Robert McGwire - is Rowley's father. His nationality is Welsh.
  • Mrs. Tara McGwire - is Rowley's mother. Her nationality is Welsh.
  • Maxson - Marcus and Lillian's pet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adopted from St. Mary's Animal Shelter and is later married to a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Roxy and she gave birth to 5 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies 3 males and 2 females. His nationality is Welsh.
  • Laura McGwire - Lillian and Marcus' 26 year old brown haired aunt who is a farmer. Her nationality is Welsh.
  • Larry McGwire - Lillian and Marcus' 28 year old brown haired uncle who is the farmers market merchant. His nationality is Welsh.
  • Kenny McGwire - Lillian and Marcus' 24 year old brown haired uncle who is a Country Music singer. His nationality is Welsh.
  • Thomas McGwire - Lillian and Marcus' 8 year old brown haired brother who loves reading books. His nationality is Welsh.
  • Henry McGwire - Lillian and Marcus' 5 year old brown haired brother who loves TV and reads books. His nationality is Welsh.


Mac Best Friends

  • Lil
  • Lil and Mac
  • Lil Mac
  • Hello Lil Mac